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Is Buying a Walmart Electronic Cigarette a Good Idea?

E-cigs are a new rage right now, and they gain in popularity each day. They are available at most drug stores although not all of them carry them and not all stores in a chain will supply them either. You might find several at one drug store and travel to another drug store of the same name and find nothing, except your gas money gone.

Generally the e-cigs you find at these location are cheap brands and disposable versions. This means it has a limited amount of puffs and then it is trash, or they sell refillable cartridges for some of these less expensive brands. These types of electronic cigarettes range from $10 to $20 per kit or stick. These are not high quality but they do give you an idea of what the e-cig does and its use. The more expensive name brands are more of a quality, will last longer and are often accompanied by a guarantee. So these leaves you to question where to buy your e-cig, online or in a store.

Ask yourself this question; Is Buying a Walmart Electronic Cigarette a Good Idea? It might seem like a good idea, just as many items do at Walmart. The prices are cheap, but when you are getting a knock off brand you are getting what you pay for. Walmart is all about lower prices. It wants to provide the lowest price possible to all of its customers. So what does this low price actually cost you?

Customer service is one sacrifice you make by buying at Walmart. Because they buy in bulk there is a bigger chance of getting faulty products or damaged products. To save money by cutting costs, the brands that are chosen may not be quality in nature either. The taste or feel might be different than another type of the same name.

When you ask yourself is buying a Walmart electronic cigarette a good idea you need to consider that they were able to give you a low price by buying that merchandise in large quantities. This saves them money which in turn they pass to you. There are few things you can do to figure out if it is a good idea to buy them here though.

  • First find out if they sell them and where.
  • Ask the clerk or a manager how often they were returned.
  • Read the package to be sure if there is a guarantee, a warranty or a customer service number.
  • If you don’t want to make a quick decision, write down the name and look them up for reviews.
  • Sometimes a good deal is a good deal and you should make the purchase.
  • For a first timer this might be a cheap way to try it, but compare it before you commit.